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H2O Heroes is a science-based environmental education outreach programme based in DKIT and was set up to educate children about the importance and magic of water.

H₂O Mini Heroes

Suitable for: Junior Infants - 1st class (4 - 8 yrs old)

H₂O Heroes

Suitable for 4th class - 6th Class (ages 8-12 yrs old)

H₂O Super Heroes

Suitable for Primary School Teachers

United Youth Initiative

Suitable for ages 9-18

H₂O Mini Heroes

Junior Infants class to 1st class (4 - 8 yrs old)

The H2O ‘Mini’ Heroes Workshop is an interactive session that introduces young children to the concept of water as a vital resource and connects them to their local environment.

Children get to play visual and tactile games to discover their local river and get to meet some of the live macroinvertebrates that live there by exploring a river sample.

Children will be able to create their very own type of macroinvertebrate or ‘Spudbug’ from potatoes and take it home.

H₂O Heroes

4th class to 6th class (8-12 yrs old)

H2O Heroes is action orientated education package designed for 3rd and 4th class primary school children aimed at introducing and exploring key components of the science behind our water resources. 

Real life environmental scientists led by Caroline and Suzanne will come into your classroom and take the children on a journey of their local river catchment. The goal of the H2O Heroes programme is to inspire, inform and engage.

This will enable participants to become real life H2O Heroes and ambassadors for the protection of our most valuable resource, water (H2O), as well as recognise the value of science in their everyday lives. Children get to carry out real life experiments including water chemistry and get to take a close look at some of the live macroinvertebrates living in their local river.

H2O Heroes is funded by Science Foundation Ireland under the SFI Discover Programme.

H2O Super Heroes

Primary School teachers

H2O Heroes is not just about the children, we would like to equip teachers with both the tools and support to continue learning and participating in our programme in the longer-term as part of our teacher ‘H2O Superheroes’ initiative.

If you are interested in signing-up, please contact us or request a workshop and check the box. We will provide training (max commitment 3 hours) and supply you with a lab in a box for your school (all of equipment needed to run our programme and includes access to our ‘AquaInverts’ digital smartphone app).

H2O Superheroes is funded H2O Heroes is funded by Science Foundation Ireland under the SFI Discover Programme.

United Youth Initiative

(Ages 9-18 yrs old)

United Youth Initiatives is a jam packed 12-week programme free for youth groups and young people (age 9-18) across Northern Ireland, Cavan, Monaghan and Louth.

H2O Heroes will be working with Healthy Kidz, Boys & Girls Clubs NI and Peace Players to bring this exciting programme to a locations across the North-East. This programme will bring together sports, creativity and environmental initiatives for a healthy body, healthy mind and a healthy environment.

The project is a consortium approach by key youth providers including H₂O Heroes, Healthy Kidz, Boys & Girls Clubs NI and Peace Players. United Youth Initiatives is funded through the PEACEPLUS programme (Area 3.1 Shared Learning Together non-formal education).

PEACEPLUS is managed by the Special EU Programmes Body and is funded in partnership by the European Union, the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Government of Ireland and the Northern Ireland Executive.

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"Just a quick email to thank you very much for an amazing experience, the children had a ball! They even forgot the ice cream van was waiting outside for them! They are still talking about the 'creatures' as we walked to the bridge to release them into the river. We clapped and cheered when they were released"