Some of the People That Make It Work!

Volunteers are an integral part of the H2O Heroes team. Our volunteers demonstrate at school visits, festival workshops and open days, bringing their love of science to children, their parents and the general public.

Educating Young Minds

Join Our Team

Our volunteers help us plan and prep for our events and become part of our volunteering community. Sign-up, get involved, log your volunteer hours and even get a prestigious DkIT ELEVATE AWARD.   

Volunteers can also earn digital badges for gaining specific skills.  You do not need to have a science background to volunteer with us.

Are You a DKIT Student?

If you are a DkIT student and would like to find out more information or are interested in joining our team, sign up as a volunteer Today!

Volunteering with us is also supported by the DKIT Elevate award, through discipline-specific engagement with a chance to recieve a prestigious award.

H2O Heroes Mascot

Walter the Water Drop

Walter is a water drop and the mascot for H2O Heroes, he often attends events and likes to talk about the water cycle. 

Walter has alot of ambition and is convinced that he is in fact a cloud rather than a single raindrop. His favourite colour is blue and he loves swimming in clean water.

Who are We

H2O Heroes Beginnings

Dr. Suzanne Linnane, Dr. Caroline Gilleran Stephens and Kelsey Hammond set up H2O Heroes in 2017 to educate children about the importance and the magic of water…..it is pretty amazing. 

Caroline and Suzanne work together to co-ordinate the H2O Heroes programme and bring real life science and lots of fun to primary schools, sadly Kelsey has returned to sunny California, we miss her! 

Suzanne and Caroline are both lecturers in DkIT, in the Department of Agriculture, Food and Animal Health but you will often find them in a river or a lake. 

They both love to ask questions and carry out lots of interesting environmental research in the Centre for Freshwater and Environmental Studies (CFES) at DkIT. Suzanne and Caroline love dogs, cake and all things water.