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Educating Young Minds

H2O Heroes demonstrates the importance of both science and our natural water habitats in our everyday lives – with a clear focus on the link between human activity and water quality and quantity. 

The goal of the H2O Heroes programme is to inspire, inform and engage. This enables participants to become real life H2O Heroes and ambassadors for the protection of our most valuable resource, water (H2O), as well as recognise the value of science in their everyday lives.

Sustainable Development Goals

at the core of H2O Heroes

Our Mission is Worth it!

Our volunteers help us plan and prep for our events and become part of our volunteering community. Sign-up, get involved, log your volunteer hours and even get a prestigious DkIT ELEVATE AWARD.

  Volunteers can also earn digital badges for gaining specific skills.  You do not need to have a science background to volunteer with us.

Researchers at Dundalk Insitute of Technology within the Centre for Freshwater and Environmental Studies have ongoing research projects linked to the H2O Heroes programme. This research is led by Dr. Suzanne Linnane and Dr. Caroline Gilleran Stephens

We investigate the impact that the H2O Heroes programme has promoting both science and environmental education in primary schools. We also investigate how effective our programme is at promoting intergenerational learning about the environment. 

One School at a Time

Educational Workshops

H20 Heroes is a science-based environmental education outreach programme based in DKIT and was set up to educate children about the importance and magic of water.

h2O Mini Heroes

Suitable for: Junior Infants - 1st class (4 - 8 yrs old)

h2O Heroes

Suitable for 4th class - 6th Class (ages 8-11 yrs old)

h2O Super Heroes

Suitable for Primary School Teachers

United Youth Initiative

Suitable for ages 9-18

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Through stimulating research and sound science, the Atlantic Salmon Trust is the foremost evidence-based salmon conservation charity in the UK. 

Fighting to halt the dramatic decline in wild Atlantic salmon stocks, the Trust is on a mission to protect this iconic species and safeguard their future.

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Who are We

H2O Heroes Beginnings

Dr. Caroline Gilleran Stephen

Co-founder and co-ordinator of the H2O Heroes

Dr. Suzanne Linnane, Dr. Caroline Gilleran Stephens and Kelsey Hammond set up H2O Heroes in 2017 to educate children about the importance and the magic of water…..it is pretty amazing. 

Caroline and Suzanne work together to co-ordinate the H2O Heroes programme and bring real life science and lots of fun to primary schools, sadly Kelsey has returned to sunny California, we miss her! 

Suzanne and Caroline are both lecturers in DkIT, in the Department of Agriculture, Food and Animal Health but you will often find them in a river or a lake. 

They both love to ask questions and carry out lots of interesting environmental research in the Centre for Freshwater and Environmental Studies (CFES) at DkIT. Suzanne and Caroline love dogs, cake and all things water.

Dr. Suzanne Linnane

Co-founder and co-ordinator of the H2O Heroes

What We Do!

The Water Forum on the Magic of Water for Science Week 2020.

"Just a quick email to thank you very much for an amazing experience, the children had a ball! They even forgot the ice cream van was waiting outside for them! They are still talking about the 'creatures' as we walked to the bridge to release them into the river. We clapped and cheered when they were released"

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Let’s inspire change together! Join us and book a H2O Heroes stall, where we spread knowledge on the importance of water for our planet. 

We’re here to motivate and educate at any event, whether it’s Science Week or a smaller community Event.

Get in touch with us to book your very own H2O Heroes experience today!